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The Original Site: 1999 - 2006Edit

RocketSnail Games was a website with flash games. The original title was 'RocketSnail Flash Games', Though the 'Flash Games' Part was removed in it's last few years online. (2005-2007)

RocketSnail Games originally launched in 1999 With their first game, "Ballistic Biscuit".

RocketSnail originally built Club Penguin; Which was their main source of funding (From the Memberships).

Site Closing / April 2009 Blog LaunchEdit

However, When Disney bought Club Penguin on August 1st, 2007, The site experienced lack of funding and had to close. It remained Closed until April, 2009, When rsnail opened a new Micro blog. Many people thought rsnail was going to re-open his old games. Sadly, The site Closed again for an unknown reason in Summer 2009.

It remained Closed until January 2011, when rsnail decided to relaunch it.

Site Re-LaunchEdit

In January 2011, rsnail reopened RocketSnail Games. It is currently just the blog, As rsnail is working on finishing the new pages.